Isn’t it just a “clump of cells” anyway?

This is now an outdated idea and the pro-life movement has gained traction from the remarkable developments in embryology and fetology over the past 40 years.

The amazing advances in ultrasound technology give us a real window into the womb and reveal the truth that the unborn child is a human being. We no longer have an excuse for not recognising the humanity of unborn babies.

At the moment of conception a new and unique life with its entire genetic make-up begins. Every life is unrepeatable and irreplaceable. Although very tiny in the beginning this new human being is not just a potential life, it is a human being with potential.

Science tells us that at the moment of conception our sex is decided. By day 22 the baby’s heart is beating.

At week 4 the nervous system has started to form along with the spine, kidneys, liver and other organs. By week 5 the brain has started to develop into distinct segments. By day 42 brain waves are detectable.

At 8 weeks everything that is found in a fully-grown human person is formed. From then on a baby continues to develop and if undisturbed will grow until it is time to be born.