How can we support women in an unplanned pregnancy?

Discovering you are pregnant is a big deal for anyone but especially for a teenager. A young woman who becomes pregnant unplanned needs to find out what help and support is available to her. It should be simple and straightforward for a woman in an unplanned pregnancy to find out the help and support she needs to continue with her pregnancy.

As a society we have a great responsibility to provide real and meaningful support. We need to do all we can to ensure that women feel empowered to carry their pregnancies to full-term.

We need to remove the stigma attached to unplanned and teenage pregnancies. While it may not be an ideal situation it’s not the end of the world either. It doesn’t mean your dreams are over but you might need help to create new dreams.

Anew Pregnancy Care offer caring and compassionate advice to those in an unplanned pregnancy. Their services include accommodation, parenting and pre-natal classes and a confidential counselling service.

They can be contacted by telephone, email, text, on-line or by calling into any of their care centres in Dublin, Cork and Thurles. For more information visit