Why are you against a referendum being held?

Usually referendums are held to add protection to human rights. If we have a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment we risk removing the last remaining legal protection for unborn babies. In time, this will lead to abortion on demand.

Campaigners for repealing the Eighth Amendment say they only want to widen access to abortion in “very limited circumstances”. The concern with this is every abortion on demand regime began as “restrictive” but once the door to legalised abortion was unlocked it was only a matter of ridiculing the restrictions until the grounds for abortion were widened.

The sad reality is that once laws permitting abortion are introduced,x they diminish society’s respect for the inherent value of every human life, born or unborn.

A referendum, if passed, would mean we not only removing a human right from our Constitution, but creating a group of second class citizens – unborn babies.

Ireland is a country that recognises everyone as equal and repealing the Eighth Amendment would mean unborn babies are not deserving of the same rights as everyone else.