Should men be allowed vote in a referendum to repeal the 8th?

Firstly, men are absolutely entitled to be pro-life and to speak, campaign and vote accordingly. Every human person has the right to free speech and the right to vote however they wish. These are basic, universal human rights.

To suggest that men should be excluded from this issue completely undermines democracy. Men (and women!) must be able to freely discuss and vote on issues that directly affect them, as well as issues concerning the country, society and culture they live in. To suggest men should not be allowed vote in any upcoming referendum is a violation of their human right to vote and discriminates against them because of their gender.

Abortion has been labeled a “women’s rights” issue by those in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment. But it is not a women’s rights issue. It is a human rights issue. Abortion ends a human life. It affects male and female members of the human race, both born and unborn.

A conservative estimate is that the ripple effect of one abortion can affect the lives of up to 45-50 people. This includes the fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles of the aborted child.

Fathers can struggle to come to terms with the loss of their baby through abortion and suffer from abortion regret. Some spend years trying to overcome it. It is a heartbreaking experience for many men, made worse by the fact they feel they have no right to talk about the emotional and psychological impact of the abortion on them.

There was a case in 2013 of a man in Ireland who went to court to prevent his girlfriend from having an abortion. She was under pressure from her family to have an abortion. The case was eventually settled outside court when the woman’s family stopped pushing her have the abortion. It shows how a man had a positive say in this case.

It’s a simple biological fact that it takes a man and a woman to conceive a child. The fact that men don’t become pregnant is used by pro-choice campaigners to silence them.

Sadly, when abortion becomes legal in a country only the mother is given a choice in the matter. But there are three people immediately impacted by abortion — the mother, the father, and the unborn child. The child, unable to speak for herself, relies on her parents – both mother and father – to speak out on her behalf.